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Pray for my sister and her husband that have Covid fevers of 103 degrees for past two weeks. Pray for healing and breaking of their fevers.

Received: November 1, 2021

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Please pray for my husband Scott & his 2 friends, Frank & Pat. They are venturing on a motorcycle ride once they arrive in Arizona & will be traveling to several states including Utah & Nevada.

They are leaving tomorrow morning & will be gone for 2+ weeks.

Please pray for safe travels & also pray for peace for me to live by faith & not fear while he is gone.

Thank you

Received: October 31, 2021

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Please pray for God to bring my son to the end of himself, so that he will begin to not rely on what he knows as a false truth, but will come to know God and HIS goodness and HIS truth for his life. But till this happens please pray my son remembers he is loved right where he is, even when he doesn’t feel like. Please ask that God keeps him safe, as he continues to make terrible decisions and is being careless with his life and that God is leading us as his parents to be everything that he needs us to be.

Thank you in advance

Received: October 30, 2021

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Pray for my grandma she has early stage lung cancer pray healing and God gives her the desire to stop smoking

Also pray for me to please if it’s not a burden pray lies in my head don’t take over and I can accept the truth and God shows me his truth

Honetly the lies are constant in my head

Thank you so much

Received: October 28, 2021

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Please pray that I am offered a job this week. I have a couple outstanding jobs that I am interested in and had another interview with one of them this week. I am continuing to get opportunities but haven’t been offered any since February! I am so ready to go back to work. I God’s name I pray!!

Received: October 28, 2021

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Connie Plotkin

Please pray for my sister Linda.

She has a rare form of multiple myeloma & has been on chemo & other meds the past 6 months.

Tomorrow she is having an IV infusion of her own stem cells (that were removed last week) to hopefully put her into remission.

Also please pray that her vision will be completely restored (she only has partial since her brain bleed last year) because the doctors have told her that it will not get better. Thank you.

Received: October 27, 2021

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Please pray for hostages in Haiti.

Received: October 27, 2021

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My son dealing with mental health, anxiety, and social pressures (acceptance from the wrong crowd). He's hurting inside and he hurts his relationships. We need a miracle! Help me show him love and patience.

Received: October 27, 2021

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My tracheal stenosis (windpipe narrowing) is getting worse. I’m being referred to Mayo Clinic for complete tracheal resection. Prayers for healing and discernment.

Received: October 27, 2021

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Please pray for our friends, Brian and Sabrina to conceive a baby and to heal from their miscarriage.

Received: October 27, 2021